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5 Dec Update - Welcome to Wales

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

The latest update from WG is that residents in England can travel into Wales as of Friday 4th December 6.00pm - so long as they are not in a tier 3 area. (Bristol is currently tier 3; the Forest of Dean and Herefordshire are currently tier 2 ).

Public health however remains the number one priority and we have to remember why these rules are in place.

Do not leave your home to go rowing if Welsh Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you live in a Tier 2 area in England or Wales then the committee think it is reasonable to use the club using the protocols Phase #7 of the return to rowing protocols.

Members living in Tier 3 will not be allowed to travel to the club to exercise

So Rowing in Singles and (extended) household crew boats are allowed. The maximum of 10 slots seems to be working well

  • Two households are able to join together to form an extended household. This means that an extended household functions as one household, and therefore can row a crew boat as households are able to.

  • Please can you inform the club captains Al and Ash Butler if they intend to form an extended household with another rowing household, so that the club can ensure that Welsh Government guidelines are adhered to whilst on club premises.

  • The gym is open as cleaning has been put in place - however booking a slot is required and cleaning measures after use should be adhered to

  • There is some equipment in the lounge - but this is for use by Seniors only.

  • Changing rooms and toilet facilities are now open for use with the proviso they are not being cleaned after every use and so should only be used in emergencies, (the showers, we foresee are only to be used if someone has fallen in the river)

All hygiene measures for club boats must still be adhered to, please remember why we have these rules in place and adhere to them to help save lives

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