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Stourport Spring Head

Sunday 29th January, 13 of the Monmouth Rowing Club Women's squad travelled to Stourport to compete in their Spring Head. In near perfect conditions four different crews raced the 4km course.

In Division 1, WE4X- of Ellen Rule, Dawn Brace, Gabby Miles & Melanie Brown took on an Evesham WE quad. The Monmouth crew were unable overcome their opposition but put in a solid race, finishing in a time of 14.50. The WG4+ of Frances Lester, Liz Lewis, Shelagh Sawyer, Amanda Snelson & cox Bonita Birkett had no opposition so raced 'Time Only' in time of 16.57.

In Division 2 the WF8+ came up against a WD8 from Avon County & WE8 from Worcester. Crew of Dawn Brace, Ellen Rule, Shelagh Sawyer, Gabby Miles, Jan Watkins, Bonita Birkett, Frances Lester, Amanda Snelson and cox Keris McShane had a good race finishing in 2nd place behind the younger crew from Avon County in time of 14.48. As with the WG4+ in morning, WF4- had no opposition so also raced time only. With a consistent race throughout the crew of Louise Allison, Melanie Brown, Kate Hooton & Liz Lewis finished in 14.18.

Although no medals at this event, all who raced had a good day enjoying being back racing after the Christmas break. It was a great squad day, with all helping & supporting each other throughout. Well done to Bonita for coxing her first ever race & to Ellen for competing in her first event for MRC.

Thanks to Tim for towing & coaching, and to all who coxed or steered. Thanks also to Stourport members for their hospitality.

Next event Worcester Head 11th Feb.

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