Meet the Club Officials


John Jenkins

The public face of the club


Phil Tilley

Club finances

Women's Captain

Liz Lewis

Running the women's squad

Beginner's Coordinator

Liz Newman

Running Learn To Row

Digital Officer

Alex Mitchell

Running the club website and social media pages

Water Safety Officer

Mary Miller

Helping us be safe on the water

Welfare Officer

Bonita Birkett

Protecting the welfare of our members and rowers


Maggie Hickland

Organising catering


Dan Cowton

Responsible for the leadership and running of the club

Club Captain

Darren Cooper

Overall organisation of rowing - this is a joint position this year

Men's Captain

Evan Whittal-Williams

Running the men's squad

Events Chair

FAO Dan Cowton

Race coordinator for our heads and regattas

Equipment Manager

Dan Cowton

Looking after our boats, blades, trailers and training equipment


Sarah Cripps

Enquires about joining us and membership applications


Jayne Smith

Managing the bar

Rowing Accounts

David Llewellyn

Manging the rowing accounts


Patricia Carswell

Club administration

Club Captain

Geoff Hitt

Overall organisation of rowing - this is a joint position this year

Junior Captain

Charley Curtis

Running the junior squad

Events Secretary

Sam Tod

Head and regatta entries and administration

Club Bookings

Jayne Smith

Club house bookings


Mary Miller

Organising charity events


Julia Cowton

Orders for club kit

Community Liaison

Kate Harcourt

Liaison with the community on planning and the environment