Membership is open to all.

Whilst the Club has a thriving Junior section Monmouth is known primarily as a Masters’ Club with nearly all the members being over 40. Many members came to rowing later in life often through one of our popular Learn to Row courses.

If you wish to join:

- Beginners are required to complete a Club Learn to Row Course before being allowed to join - see Learn to Row page.

- Experienced rowers may be accepted subject to a competent level of rowing or sculling being demonstrated. Juniors are accepted normally at 13 subject to numbers.

For more details please contact the Membership Secretary

Membership Applications   -    Please click here

Coxwains (coxes) are important to a coxed crew. A cox is the person who steers a boat, taking the best course on a river, giving commands to the crew and motivating them during a race. A good cox can make a significant difference to a crew and help them win.

If you think you are too small or light to row but extremely competitive, then why not come to Monmouth and find out more about becoming a coxswain. Full training will be given and more information is available by contacting the men's or women’s captain.