Club captain:      Andrew Mollett

Mens Vice Captains:

Seniors - Mark Stewart-Woods and Tom Penny

Aber Crews - Ruaridh MacDonald

Vets - John Benson

Novices - James Zorab  


Mens 8 training with Monmouth School 8I'm .

The Monmouth Rowing Club Men’s Squad contains over 40 regular members who train on a regular basis both on and off the water. The squad has an age range of 30-80 and a variation of abilities from those who have been rowing for a few months to those who have been in the sport for several decades. 

The men compete regularly throughout the year at regional, national and international levels with the most recent highlights including the following:


International Rowing

In 2015 several members competed in the World Masters Regatta in Hazewinkel, Belgium, returning with medals in the Mas D1x, Mas C1x, Mas A2- and a composite Mx Mas D4x-.  

In 2013 the men’s squad competed in the same event in Varese, Italy and won the Mas D8+ and Mas D1x. 

National Rowing

Every year the men take a strong squad to the National Masters Regatta returning home in 2015 with four gold medals, six silvers and a bronze medal.

The men have traditionally been successful on the Tideway course in London both at Vets Fours Head and Vesta Vets Head of the River and have won in various categories at both in recent years.

Regional Rowing

The large majority of the squad’s racing is more regional in nature and this offers an opportunity for a mixing of abilities and ages. This equates to the men racing around about every calendar month of the year.



The squad have also been known to use the phrase ‘challenge accepted’ possibly without thinking it through and as such have completed some rather lengthy races in the past ten years such as:

The Great Ouse Marathon: 21.5km. In 2015 the Mas E8+ set a new category record as well as being the fastest boat of the day.


Photo (right) from the finish line of the Great Ouse Marathon  

Head of the Dart: 14km.

Sulkava Rowing Race: 60km race in Finland raced in Sulkava long boats in 2016

Geneva Tour Du Leman a L’aviron: 160km around Lake Geneva undertaken by a coxed four in 2012.

Celtic Challenge: 90 nautical miles from Arklow to Aberystwyth in fixed seat boats completed by 12 men along with a support vessel with two of MRC’s women’s squad at the helm.

Eddystone Challenge: 28mile endurance sea race.


Boston Marathon: 31miles. The MRC Men currently hold five records for the course: Mas C8+, Mas C4-, Mas D4-, Mas E4- and Mas E4+. 


One of the members of the squad, Andrew Barnett, has even raced across the Atlantic Ocean.                                                                                                    .