Safety is the paramount consideration when considering whether to row.

The Club has made these Rules for Boating which are binding on all members

Safety Plan 

A new club safety plan has been produced which combines all the club's previous safety related documents into one easy to read plan. The plan can be read here.

        Rules for Boating




•    Only experienced and competent crews to row on the river alone, all others must be accompanied by other experienced boats or   a launch, commensurate with prevailing conditions, or as determined by the captain (or designate, see list below)


•    Always consider weather, stream and debris conditions. If in doubt go to the gym!


•    Visibility


        1.       If less than 500m (steps to pumping station), coxed boats only with experienced cox


        2.       If less than 300m (steps to bridge) No Rowing


•    During winter and cold weather take extra precautions. Limit outing time (eg. 45mins for coxes)


•    Always  write name, boat and destination and estimated return time on the white board


•    Private scullers or anyone rowing outside normal club sessions do so at their own risk.


•    If Green step is covered then a launch must be on the water (it can be tied to the slipway) with a person       in charge ready to respond

Risk Assessment

The Club Safety Officer has prepared a spreadsheet with a complete Risk Assessment for the risks associated with normal rowing. It is essential reading for all members.

Click on the link for access

Experience and Competence




The following list of members are deemed by the Committee to be competent to decide if prevailing conditions are suitable to allow outings (either in total or for specific crews)


        James Allison                          Liz lewis


        Mike Butler                             Andrew Mollet


        Chris Cowburn                        Laurance Morgan


        Eric Froggatt                           Stephen Poole


        Nick Hartland                          Mark Stewart-Woods


        John Jenkins                           Dawn Evans


        Adrian Tulley


All members must respect the decisions made, which do not relieve individuals from making their own assessment whilst on the water.


(if none of the named members above are available to make decisions then be prepared to justify the prevailing criteria should you decide to go on the water!)