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Social Rowing

All rowing that we do is "social", whether at a high or lower intensity.  Social Rowing is a term we use for rowing outside a structured training program provided by our paid coaching.

Once deemed capable, rowers are welcome to book outings (using our website) at any time during the week/weekends (best to avoid school rowing sessions as they get very busy!) and row or scull with friends.

There are a range of different groups which use WhatsApp and/or email to coordinate their activity.  Do as much or as little as you wish!  As a guide, the scullers weekday group has around 50 members! Upon joining the Captains and the Membership Secretary will assist you getting involved with a suitable group.

As with all adult rowing at MRC, you are expected to to take responsibility for your safety using the guidance available from our website and experienced members.  Junior rowing is run by the Junior Coach and is only available outside junior sessions with specific approval of the supervising adult by the Committee.

Mens Vet G at Bruge 2015

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