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20 Sep Update - Return to Rowing Plan

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Winning at Bewdley 2013

We've updated the rowing protocols, in light of the on going pandemic, and decisions that are outside of our control.

We now have more phases than originally planned, and the sequence has changed, so please take time to familiarise yourself with the update to Return to Rowing dated 20 Sep 2020.

Some headlines :

  • The schools have returned to rowing, timetable is included in the updated protocols

  • Seniors can use the gym [limited to 4 people downstairs, plus 4 on ergs upstairs] - at your own risk

  • Changing rooms, showers and downstairs toilets remain closed

  • We are looking to get the QR code for the club, so we can track who is using the clubhouse instead of using the book on the bar, will be useful for coaches and anyone using the gym

  • We have a new booking page for the gym and ergos

If Monmouth goes into local lockdown the club will be shut. Away from Monmouth, where a local lockdown occurs, any members living in that locked down area must stay away from the Club. Fingers crossed it will not come to that. 

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