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Erg Challenge 3.3 - Missing Henley?

For those who are missing watching some rowing (and drinking) by the Thames, we have tried to re-create some of the Henley charm this week with a 2112 meter event (the length of the new course at HRR).

Also back by popular demand is the repetitive short bursts challenge, which this week will be 10 X 250m, with a 1 min rest between pieces.

You will need to submit three times: one for 2112m, one for the total work time for 10 x 250m (excluding rest times) and one for your fastest 250m.

Please submit your results via the submission page with the time for each piece being entered separately.

As a spur to competition, I now have the live results table working. To see the competition, just filter on Series 3 Week 3.

Teams are here and are unchanged

All entries to be in by 16.00 on Sat 11 July

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