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MRC 6.0 - Thank You

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

A great big thank you to our friends and relatives who sponsored our members to raise funds for our charity of the year - Mind. The bank holiday weekend should have seen our busiest time at the Club - our annual 2 day regatta; and for our President, John Jenkins, his 60th regatta (he started very young!). This event is our major fund raiser for the year, raising funds for charity and our Club. Without the event we would have limited capacity to donate to our chosen charity - in its wisdom the Events Committee decided we should do something to raise funds and recognise the truly remarkable contribution John has made to the club - hence the 60 Challenge.

Thank you to all of our members who took part in the challenge, your efforts raised over £5,000 - a fantastic amount. Whilst there was a lot of sweating, there was a lot of ingenuity - the range of activities was wide, demonstrating some great lateral thinking. The events included 60km ergs, walks, bike rides, triathlons, runs, a HIIT session, weeding, hoolla hooping, circuits, sheep shearing, back flips, plant watering, slug removal, painting - and my favourite - 6 cocktails!

We should all be proud of our efforts, a large sum of money raised for a good cause and a celebration of the contribution John has made for so long. 

When the lockdown ends I suggest we celebrate properly (i.e. ergs not invited).

Thank you all, stay safe, stay alert!


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