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Start the New Year with Zoom Ergos

With more lockdown ahead of us and Christmas behind us, why not try our new MRC Ergo Zoom sessions and get fit for the regatta reason (fingures crossed).

The Club Captais have devised a series of sessions which anyone with a rowing machine (any type ) and a Zoom account can join.

All you have to do is go the MRC Home page and select the session you fancy under the Up Coming Events section. Once you enter your details the zoom details will be sent to you via an e-mail.

These will be self led session, so when the session starts just organise with yourself you will led and make the change call.

We recommend all sessions start off and finisk with a warm up and cool down, even at UT2. MRC now have a paid subscription to zoom, so it wont time out (bad luck if that was going to be your excuse)

Let Liz, Ashley or Al know what you think of the sessions so they can plan some more or even leave a comment if you have logged in to the website.

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