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15 July - Updated Return to Rowing Plan

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Committee have approved an update to the Return to Rowing Plan (dated 15 July 2020).

In summary the changes are:

1. Please shut all gates and shutters before going on the water

2. Phase #3 has morphed into Phase #3a - up to 6 rowers per 2hr slot

3. Phase #5 has now become Phase #7

4. Phase #4 - the phase where juniors can row too - has been updated, they can join the fun starting a week Saturday [11:00 to 13:00].

5. A new Phase #5 - bar open for people to enjoy out of date drinks in the compound or on the balcony; a variation on the theme of 'bring your own' - bring bottle opener, sun tan lotion, umbrella, chair. We will need a volunteer each week we open to run the bar/keep a register of attendees

6. A new Phase #6 - bar and kitchen open

7. A new Phase #8 - the gym open [almost business as usual]

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