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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Before Monmouth Rowing Club member Eric Froggatt sets off next week to sail around the world as part of the Clipper Race, we asked him for a few words and reflections. Eric, the brains behind many Monmouth Heads and Regattas, will be sailing on the Ha Long Bay, a 70ft Clipper and you can follow his progress over the next year here. This is the second time Eric has sailed the Clipper Race, but this time he graduates from a single leg to sailing all the way around the world.

Eric Froggatt

So after signing up for this race over 4 years ago we are now less than a week to the


Months of training (on and off the boats) and preparation are done – Time to set sail!

The Clipper Route for 2023/24

The race start will be Sunday 3rd September at 16:00hrs BST from Portsmouth, with first stop at Cadiz, Spain on the way to Punte-Del-Este, Uruguay (2) to complete the first of eight Legs. Then, (baring injury!) having stopped at Cape Town (3), Freemantle (4), Newcastle and Airlie Beach (5) (Australia), Ha Long Bay, VietNam (6) (my yacht’s Sponsor), Zuhai and Qingdao (China) (6), Seattle (7), Panama, Washington DC (8), Oban (Scotland) and we return to Portsmouth late July 2024.

The straight line distance is about 40,000nm, so we’ll probably sail around

50,000 as we follow weather patterns and tack and gybe our way across the oceans.

My team of 65 (9 “Round the Worlders” and the rest of the 20 odd crew made up of

“Leggers” from a team of 65 ranging from 29 to 70 years old and from 21

Nationalities!! – Very Cool, I think? ).

You can follow the race (I’m on the “Ha Long Bay” CV31 Yacht) via:

And I will write Blogs every few days whilst at sea which you’ll find on the Clipper


Many thanks to all the well-wishers who have showed interest in the race and given


Time to go!.

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2 comentarios

The very best of luck and enjoy!!

Your neighbour in St Thomas Road!!

i will follow with interest as my haughtier is going to VietNam 🇻🇳 this autumn …guess you will be there much later?…eta?

so envious!!

Me gusta
Contestando a

Daughter !!😂

Me gusta
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