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Gloucester Head

Monmouth were well represented at Gloucester head on Sun with 18 members racing across the divisions.

Arriving at Gloucester, conditions were not ideal for rigging boats, very wet both under foot & from the sky! Fortunately the rain stopped & sun came out just in time for boating for div 1 & spirits were raised by all competitors.

Division 1 saw MxMasD8 (cox Matt R, Ruardiah, Mark L, Andy, Jon M, Jan, Fliss, Sarah C & Rachel R) take on a strong crew from Avon County.

Finishing in a time of 22.48, the crew had a solid race & enjoyed the experience. This was the first head race for Rachel, Fliss & Jon; great to know they are now keen to get some more racing under their belts!

The WF8 (cox MJ, Louise A, Liz L, Kate Ho, Liz N, Paula, Maggie, Shelagh & Sue) won their category (21.20) beating a younger Warwick WE8, despite an equipment malfunction 500m into the race meaning Sue was only able to row with arms & body!

After a short time to recover, 4 of the women set off to race in two 2x in division 2. In WE2x MJ & Sue comfortably beat an Evesham crew to win their category in a time of 24.18. Liz N & Maggie raced a Falcon crew in WF2x event & finished 2nd (26.37)

It was great to see all members from the 2 squads helping each other with rigging of boats, loading & unloading trailer etc. - as always excellent club spirit throughout the day.

Thanks to Maggie for towing, Matt and MJ for coxing, much appreciated by all competitors. Thanks also to Tim (club coach) for being on hand to give valuable crew briefings and even supporting the 2 x 8's in the first division by running alongside them on towpath during the race!

The club is now looking forward to competing at the Vesta International Masters Head of the River Race on Sun 24th March where we have F8, WF8, WD8, MxC4x & MxG4x entered. Good luck to all crews!

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