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Erg Challenge 2.3 Results

Well done to everyone who completed the Week 3 Ergo Challenge. This week we were recreating the Master Championships which would have taken place this week.

So the Gold medal this week goes to Black with a great average split over the two 1 Km of 1:48.8. Well done Emily, Paul R, Lenny, Kathryn and Gabby (we definitely need to split them up!)

No graphs this week as the results are easy to list. The results are displayed by average 500m splits for the two 1 Km.

1st Black - 1:48.8

2nd Blue - 1:52.8

3rd Red - 2:02.8

4th Green - 2:04.2

By popular demand, we have also been asked to provide anonymised times, so I have created a new Ergo Challenge results page on the website.

This page will also show live score for Series 3.

The teams for this challenge were:

Thank you everyone for a great series 2 and good luck to all those who have signed up for series 3.

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