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Gloucester Autumn Head

Ewart and the team in the Mixed Eight

Twenty three athletes from Monmouth Rowing Club travelled to Gloucester on Sun 29th Oct to compete in the Gloucester Autumn Head. The 5k race was held on the Gloucester & Sharpness canal, so no current to assist racing crews!

Division 1 saw a MxE8 crew (Ewart, Rob, Mike S, Mark L, Frances, Kate Har, Sarah Cr, Denize & cox Sue S) take on a younger crew from Avon County, with the youth taking the honours on the day.

MasF4+ (Colin, Paul, Toby, Julian & cox Liz L) pulled away from their opposition, an E4 from Ross, to win by a minute.

The MasF4+ on their way to victory

Division 2 it was the women's squad plus a younger 2x's turn to take on the course. In the Op2x, Ben P & George finished a creditable 2nd, this being their first race & only 2nd outing together.

Ben and George having some post race refuelling

The WE2x of Liz N & Maggie finished 3rd; they had a tough ask with the handicap against them, racing two strong F crews from Exeter.

Liz and Maggie get ready for their Women's E2x

In the WMas D/F4+ event the 2 MRC crews had their own private battle! It was a very close race on raw times but with the handicap applied the WF4+ (Louise A, MJ, Shelagh, Liz L & cox Bonita) finished as winners beating the WD4+ (Sara, Sue S, Kathryn K, Dawn B & cox Denize).

As ever great camaraderie, team work & club spirit seen by all present both on and off the water.

As always a big thanks to Gloucester Rowing Club for all their hard work and for putting on such a great event.

Full results on the Gloucester Rowing Club website. Well done to Denize, Kathryn & Ben for their first ever race for MRC.

Some special thanks to:

  • Sarah Cr for agreeing to a late call up for the Mx8 and well done for completing her first head race for MRC.

  • Sue for calmly & competently manoeuvring the Mx8 both up & down course in her first ever race as a cox.

  • Denize for coxing the WD4, only being asked an hour before boating if she would be prepared to do it!

  • MJ for sitting in at last minute due to illness within crew.

  • Paul & Maggie for towing.

  • Coach Tim, although not with us on the day, for ensuring that all crews were well prepared, both physically & tactically, for racing this distance. The event was great practice for those racing on Tideway next weekend at Vets 4's Head. Good luck to all 7 crews entered.

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