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Gloucester Spring Head

Sunday 12th March, Monmouth R C Club squad enjoyed their first competition of the year at Gloucester Spring Head 5km course.

Seven Club squad and 2 Women's squad members competed in Division 1 Open Masters E/F/G 8 + category, competing as an F mixed crew against an E and G men's crew.

The 7km row up was the first time the whole crew had rowed together. Cox Ade T, did a great job of balancing the boat and moving efficiently on the way up. Conditions were cool and windy with some choppy water.

A solid start, rating 32 got us away well, dropping to rate 28 as conditions worsened. A solid performance got us across the line in 21 min 33 sec finishing 2 mins behind the two all male crews.

The crew of Ruaridh M, Mike S, Ewart B, Liz N, Elaine T, Andy D, Shelagh S, Jayne S and Cox Adrian T had a great row together and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Thanks to Andy D for rowing on bow side for the first time and first event with MRC, welcome Andy.

Thanks to Sue S for the timely photo's, looking good Monmouth!

A big thanks to Dan & Matt for towing and supporting us and the Comp boys and girls for unloading and re rigging so quickly and efficiently. They are a credit to their school and a great example of Monmouth RC working at its best.

Thanks to Gloucester RC for putting on a very well organised event.

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