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Thank you Marlow, Hello Henley

2023 Marlow Regatta and Henley Qualification for Wyfolds

Monmouth A on their way to Henley - Evan Whittal-Williams (S), Tom Cookman, Oli Partridge, Mark Stewart-Woods

The Men's Performance squad is pleased to report that, after a successful weekend at Marlow Regatta, MRC shall return to the 2023 Henley Royal Regatta for the first time since 2009, having pre-qualified a boat in the Wyfold Challenge Cup (club coxless fours).

On Saturday the senior section took two coxless fours to Marlow, the last of three visits to Dorney lake this summer. Following an initial time trial, both boats put in an impressive performance in their respective finals. Monmouth B pressured their opponents right to the line to come in a very close second in the G-Final; Monmouth A lead from the off with a fast first 1500m that gained a clear water margin that was slowly (but insufficiently) eaten away by the fight for 2nd and 3rd - crossing the finish line of the D-Final in 1st place, two seconds ahead of 2nd.

Monmouth B: George Knight (B), Sam Bainbridge, Sam Morgan, Matt Winters (Photos courtesy of Ben Rodford)

Links to races: Monmouth B, Monmouth A.

Having earned pre-qualification, Monmouth A will line up at the start of Henley on Tuesday 27th of June, avoiding a daunting qualification time trial on Friday where 32 crews will fight it out for the remaining 8 places in the Wyfold. Qualifiers will also see Monmouth School race for a place in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, where 19 crews will compete for 8 places, and Habs race 20 other crews for one of the 9 remaining places in the Prince Phillip Challenge Trophy.

Hereford Rowing Club will also be racing in the Wyfold from the 27th June, providing a worthwhile trip for any locals looking to enjoy Henley for the first time.

The Men's Captain would like to thank the Members and the Committee for investing in the coaching and equipment required to be competitive at this level, and to all the squad rowers for training hard and sacrificing their time to get to this point.

We hope to see you on the bank next week, but for those unable to make it the stream is available on YouTube.

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