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Week 2 Erg Challenge - This time it's Four Nations

Firstly well done everyone on a great response and times for the Week 1's challenge. Results are here.

The challenges for Week 2 will be extreme - a 1 min & 30 min.

The 1 min was selected so that if anyone wishes to enter the BR 4 nations indoor rowing challenge they can do, results for that have to be posted on BR site by Mon night (11th) .

It would be great to have as many MRC members competing as we can.

As before all team members will submit two scores: a distance for 1 min and distance for 30 min. The Team with the highest average distance for each event will be the winner.

This week we have added a new box to the online submission page so you can add a picture of your session. Perhaps you erg in a lovely location or just collapse after a PB. We will publish the best and funnest ones in next week's results post. Perhaps fancy dress.

Teams are as last week and can be viewed here.

Please upload times using the online tool

Times to be submitted by 1600 on Sat 16 May please

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