Regatta and Sprint

Monmouth Regatta and Sprint 2017


27th and 28th May 2017


                                                     Final Draws:


                  Schedule                            Tree


                   Schedule                            Tree





We have had some very welcome landscaping downstream of the clubhouse recently, but this has introduced a number of lines of posts.

We intend to produce a sketch map showing a layout for the trailers which we will publish later.  Please adhere for the good of all.

Prime trailer spots are allocated on size of entry.

We will have people around all day Friday, so can assist parking trailers etc. 

Please let us know if you intend to bring your tailer on Friday and at what time approx.

Any queries ask me (Eric, 07810 483 466) or Peter Scott (07774 600 441)who will be on site.Please read the traffic arrangements for this year’s Regatta

ALL CARS (without trailers) must access the car park from the Island on the A40 just to the North of Monmouth.

TRAILERS will continue to access the Club as usual through the tunnel



        Saturday Results 

        Sunday Results

Oarstruck Photos ( will be catching all the action at Monmouth Regatta and will be posting pictures on their website at