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Can You Help with Sponsorship

With Winter Training now over and this year's Summer Regatta just around the corner (the 27th and 28th May), we are looking for your help in identifying companies or organisations who might be interested in sponsoring an event. This is a great way for them to support the local community, get great promotion and it helps us maintain the club and fund new boats and equipment.

This year the club’s sponsorship team (Gabby and Ali) have made it super easy for you to reach out to any contacts you have with a dedicated page on our website with all the information they need and an easy way for them to sign up. Just send them a note asking if they are interested in sponsoring the event and point them towards the link.

The link to the dedicated Sponsorship page is

From there, a sponsor can select a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsorship package, add it to their kart and check out.

If you have any questions please drop a line to Ali. Her details are included in the Sponsorship page.

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