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From Punk to Rivers: Feargal Sharkey’s Latest Undertaking in Monmouth

Feargal Sharkey, once the frontman of the legendary punk band The Undertones, is now fighting a different kind of "teenage kicks" — the environmental kind. Now a campaigner for clean rivers, Feargal visited Monmouth as part of his tour to raise awareness and debate on water quality.

But this time, he wasn’t there to serenade the locals with the band's iconic tunes. Instead, Sharkey's mission was far more urgent: highlighting the state of the River Wye.

The River Wye, stretching over 150 milles is cherished for its stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity. However, it has faced significant environmental challenges in recent years, largely due to pollution from agricultural runoff, sewage discharge, and industrial activities. This degradation has threatened the river's health, impacting wildlife and local communities dependent on its waters.

His Monmouth visit included meetings with local environmental groups, including our own Mary Miller, river conservationists, and concerned citizens. Together, they discussed strategies to tackle pollution and restore the health of the River Wye.

And so, the former Undertone's voice continues to resonate, not just through music, but through his impassioned pleas for environmental stewardship. It’s clear that Feargal Sharkey is far from finished with his performances — they’ve just taken on a new stage and a new cause.

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