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Monmouth Stars Shine at Henley Royal Regatta

Monmouth witnessed a proud moment this year as two of its own, Darcy B and Violet HB clinched prestigious medals at the Henley Royal Regatta. Despite the rainy weather, these young athletes demonstrated exceptional talent and resilience.

Darcy, who played a pivotal role as the cox for the Thames Rowing Club crew, led her team to victory in the Wargrave Cup for club women's eights. Her cool guidance and leadership were instrumental in navigating the challenging conditions and securing the win.

Darcy is part of a rowing family, with her parents and sister being active members of Monmouth Rowing Club over the years.

Violet, who also learned to row at Monmouth Comprehensive School Boat Club showcased her versatility and skill in sculling. Competing in the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup for Junior Women's Quadruple Skulls for Wycliffe College, she again displayed remarkable prowess, adding to her accolades at the event.

The rainy weather did little to dampen the spirits or the performance of these Monmouth alumni stars. Their achievements at Henley highlight not only their individual dedication and hard work but also the strong focus on junior development by the Monmouth rowing community.

Congratulations to Darcy and Violet on their incredible success!

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