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Monster Row up Loch Ness

At the end of September, four masters ladies from Monmouth RC– Maggie Hickland, Mary Miller, Liz Newman and Dawn Brace – ‘Monstered' the some 21 miles from Fort William to Inverness alongside 99 other boats. The weather could not have been better as the whole day was clear and sunny!

We went as part of a group from Carmarthen Rowing club and Bristol Ariel organised by the Carmarthen captain Chloe White who also coxed us. Her line was ruler straight and she kept our brains occupied enough not to feel the pain of 3 hours 14 minutes across sometimes quite choppy waters and incoming waves such that we were ankle deep in very cold water for most of the row.

The cherry on the cake was being piped into the beach in the true Scottish way, having a massive BBQ on the grass at the finish in the sun before loading up for the more relaxing return leg!

A great example of club cooperation and relationship building.

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