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9 Sep Update to Boat Booking System - 10 Rowers per session

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

With the new Return to Rowing Plan agreed by the Committee, the boat booking system now allows 10 rowers to be booked for each slot. This means we can launch 10 scullers or 5 pairs etc.

I'm not clever enough to code this in, so please check the table which shows you what boats are already booked for that slot.

Other changes include:

We are asking all crews to record the names of the rowers and coxes in the boat. This is to allow tracing of people if needed.

The ability to confirm if the crew is made up of Extended Family .

I have also added a link to the boats page, which has a record of the weights and type of all boats MRC use.

We are reserving the 11-13 session on Sat and Sun for our Juniors. Please do not try and book an outing in this session.


The booking site is here and can be found under the Member's Area of the website. There is also a link to Boat Bookings at the bottom of the Home page.

As well as taking only a few seconds to use, its also designed to work from your phone and because we aren't loading a large spreadsheet , easier to read and use.

How do I book a slot and a boat

The site asks you to select a date and then choose one of seven 2 hour sessions. Each session has ten slots and it won't allow you to select a session if all the slots are already booked. After that you just select the type of boat (Club or Private) and enter the details.

How to Review and Cancel a Booking

Under the Member's Area is a Review Boat Bookings page. Here you can see all future bookings. The password for the page is the normal MRC password.

To cancel a booking, select the row you want to cancel from the table. It will turn grey and then press the 'Delete Booking' button.

Next Steps

As we start to return to normal, the boat booking process will develop. The aim is to allow members to easily check availability, select and book any boat from a phone within 30 seconds.

If you have any questions or comments, you email me at

Happy boating.

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