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SARA - MRC Charity 2021

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Following agreement at the AGM, we are pleased to annouce that SARA, the Severn Area Rescue Assocation will be one of MRC's chosen chairities for 2021.

MRC has chosen to support SARA this year because they provide the volunteer specialist water rescue service across the area.

They were involved in several rescue operations in the River Wye at Monmouth during 2020, and were very busy during the floods in February and March in Monmouth and surrounding towns. They are a charity which has to fundraise for all their costs and as we enjoy the water so much it's only right that we support them as one of our chosen charities.

If you have a great idea for fundrasing then speak to Marry Miller.We will then set up a special fund rasing page for you or you can just donate to the MRC Fundrasing Page.

A list of charity blogs over the years can be found on our charities page.

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