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UCL Boat Club Training Camp

Over the last week Monmouth Rowing Club has been pleased to host University College London Boat Club for its Easter Training Camp. The camp was a great success and we had great feedback from the UCLBC Rowing Secectary

We're incredibly grateful to MRC for hosting our annual Easter Training Camp. They have been incredibly welcoming and helpful, which has helped our camp run as smoothly as possible. All four of our squads made big gains on and off the water throughout the week, which were in large part facilitated by the wonderful location and the generous provision of facilities offered by MRC.
The clubhouse was a perfect space to rest and revise between sessions, and the allowed use of erg room and showers proved to be indispensable. Following our overwhelmingly positive experience this week, we hope to return to Monmouth again in the future."

If your club is interested in running a training camp at Monmouth Rowing Club then we have a dedicated page on our website giving all the details.

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