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AGM - Heartfelt plea for nominations

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It's time to put forward nominations for committee positions for 2020-21.

Please, please consider standing for a position. You are allowed to nominate yourself (form is here) . 

The club relies on volunteers to keep running and we need all positions to be filled, not just because many hands make light work (which they do), but because at the moment we are having to comply with additional regulations and it's not fair to ask committee members to double up. 

Our nominations and support process is now online to make it even easier to apply. You can nominate by submitting the form here. With the AGM scheduled for 13 Nov, nominations need to be in by 3 Nov.

All members can see the list of nominations and either propose or second them here.

The links are also available under Club News in the website menu.

Without volunteers we will be unable to keep the club running smoothly so please do your bit. All committee members are already juggling multiple commitments, both personal and professional, so don't assume you're too busy or important to help. There's the possibility of sharing roles, too, so if you want to put in a joint nomination application to lighten the load that can be considered, too.

If you're not sure what a role involves, email Trash and she will put you in touch with the relevant person who can tell you more.

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