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British Masters 2024

Monmouth Rowing Club Shines in the Rain at the British Masters Rowing Championship in Nottingham

This past weekend, the serene waters of the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham buzzed with the energy and excitement of the British Masters Rowing Championship. Among the many clubs that descended upon this prestigious event, Monmouth Rowing Club stood out, making waves both literally and figuratively.

A Tradition of Excellence

Monmouth Rowing Club, on the back of winning the Victor ludorum at last year's event, was back with a squad of over 40 rowers, scullers and coxes competing across both days of the event. As always, this year, their participation in the British Masters was marked by impressive performances, heartwarming camaraderie and a load of team spirit, despite the weather.

The Event

The British Masters Rowing Championship is a significant event in the rowing calendar, attracting seasoned rowers and over 900 crews from across the UK. With categories spanning different age groups and boat classes, it provides a platform for veteran rowers to showcase their prowess. The 2024 edition in Nottingham was no exception, featuring intense races and stellar displays of endurance and technique. Held again in Nottingham, the traditional wind and rain of mid June British Summers didn't disappoint.

Monmouth’s Performance

Monmouth Rowing Club entered 18 categories on the Saturday and a futher 14 on Sunday (including one race with three Monmouth boats) reflecting the depth and diversity of talent across all three of the club squads. Highlights of their participation included:

  • Gold - MxF4x (Liz L, Mary M, Alex M, Tim E), 

  • Silver - MxD4x (Tim M, Paul  B,  Bonita B, Sue S),  

  • Silver - E4- (Alex M, Simon L, Tim M, Tim E) &  

  • Bronze - Dx (Alex B, James A, Toby H, Tim M).

The following  crews finished as runners up, unfortunately no medals awarded:

  • Inter WD 4+ (Denize A, Sarah Cr, Kathryn K, Louise T, cox Jo R)

  • Inter Mx D4+ (Denize A, Louise T,  Andy D, Ewart B, cox Louise A)

  • Inter MxD4x (Rachel R, Jo R, Richard D, Ewart B)

Special mention must also go to Frances who completed in the Over 80s Singles (that's rowing not dating).

The last race of the regatta saw three MRC coxed four's battling it out against a crew from Ireland. Great to see the competitive side of the three crews, the majority of whom were representing the club squad at this prestigious event for the first time. Well done all!

Behind the Scenes

Success at such high-profile events doesn't come without immense effort behind the scenes. The coaching staff at Monmouth Rowing Club, led by Tim Male played a crucial role in preparing the teams. The insights, rigorous training schedules, and motivational support were instrumental in the club's commendable performance.

Moreover, the club's culture of mutual support and encouragement was evident throughout the championship. Teammates cheered for each other, shared tips, and celebrated every victory, big or small. This sense of community and collective effort is what makes Monmouth Rowing Club a special place for its members.

When racing was suspended (twice!) for thunder & lightning on Saturday,  club members rallied round to help crews get off the water quickly & to hold on to the marquee to avoid it being blown away!  After the storms passed, everyone reacted so well to the change of schedule & worked together to enable crews to continue their racing.

Despite fewer medals than last year, there were many smiles, much enjoyment & the MRC club spirit shone throughout the weekend. A couple of stand out thank yous to:

  • Paul & Sue and James & Louise for towing again,

  • Louise for supplying & setting up the pop up cafe,  hot drinks were so much appreciated throughout the weekend,

  • Anyone who subbed in both in training and on the day to enable crews to race following injury or illness etc

  • Those who coxed or steered, not easy jobs in conditions 

  • Tim for all his efforts with all 3 squads leading up to & on the days of the events. His detailed planning for the 2 days helped all crews immensely to prepare for boating & racing.

Looking Ahead

With the British Masters Rowing Championship concluded, Monmouth Rowing Club looks ahead with renewed vigor and ambition to Henley Women's Regatta this weekend and Henley Master in early July. The club aims to build on this experience, refining their techniques and strategies for upcoming competitions. The results from Nottingham have undoubtedly boosted their morale, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the future.

Join the Journey

For those inspired by Monmouth's journey, the club welcomes new members to join and experience the joy of rowing. Whether you’re a seasoned rower or a novice eager to learn, Monmouth Rowing Club offers a supportive environment to develop your skills and be part of a thriving rowing community.

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