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Creating a Centenary Vision

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

We need your help in setting a vision for the Club as it approaches its 100th Birthday and the first step is asking our members and the local community to imagine what a successful MRC will look like in 2029.

As part of a series of consultations throughout 2021 we will be asking everyone connected with the club to complete a survey to gather eveyone's thoughts and ideas in order for us to develop and agree on a Centenary Vision.

The Survey

The survey is available to all and runs from 10 May to 15 June. It covers many aspects of the club and as such may take upto 15 mins to fully complete. However, I would ask you to take the time to fully consider the questions and help us shape the club for another 100 years.

The survey can be accessed here.

The survey can be completed anonymously but we prefer if you can supply your details in case we need to expand on your ideas.

The results of the survey will be collated by myself and Alex Mitchell and names will be removed from the summaries we will produce for the Committee and website.

Why Have a Vision

Over the last hundred years our lives and society have changed. As we approach the first centenary of Monmouth Rowing Club (MRC) in 2029, it's time to reflect on what we do really well and what we might need to change to ensure our continued success for the next generation.

Our world and local community is changing. How people use their leisure time, demographics, the environment and being more inclusive and diverse are all factors that may affect the sustainability of the club.

We need to understand how these factors will affect MRC (for good or bad) and listen to our members and the local community. By listening we can develop insight into how we best address and react to these changes and describe the club we want to be. We can then produce a roadmap to get there.

This will be our 2029 vision and it will be used by the MRC Committee and members to drive improvements, help it understand our priorities and guide our growth to 2029; our 100th birthday.

Throughout 2021 we will be developing this vision, initially through a series of engagements and surveys. The outline plan for the rest of the year is shown below.

Next Steps

This week we are launching Centenary Vision with the survey and hosting the first of several zoom meetings (and in the future hopefully club meetings) to explain the next steps and feedback on the progress made.

The first of these Zoom sessions is planned for Friday 14th May at 6PM where Helen and Alex M will host a Q&A session.

Zoom details for the event are on our home page or here .

Thank you all for your continued support.

Helen Tilley

MRC Chairman

Alex Mitchell

MRC Management Committee

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