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Update on Rowing - 15 May

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

The committee has been reviewing our approach to getting people back on the water as soon as possible; in an environment that appears to be flexing! We will update the plan as we take learning and best practice from other clubs but until the committee agrees no one should be rowing.

The lack of water time is frustrating for all of us. The weather has been fantastic and the river benign; but rules are preventing us getting out. As a committee we are determined to allow rowing as quickly as we can, taking into account legal requirements, scientific advice, and MRC specific health and safety issues. We will be guided by British Rowing, Welsh Rowing, Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government.

Before we start rowing we have to have a safe environment to operate from, protocols for equipment/personal hygiene, and protocols covering outings. At this stage we do not have a clear timeline that will allow us to draw up a schedule, so we are going to outline a plan - the dates will follow.

The Plan


a. until such time the committee agrees to change the rules, no one should be rowing.

b. it is likely that singling will be allowed before crew boats, albeit some households may be able to do multi seats.

c. rowers are expected to double up, i.e. for health and safety reasons we expect rowers to adopt a buddy system, taking account of social distancing rules as they apply at the time.

d. safe distancing to be included as we learn more about the relaxation of rules, when they apply to rowing.

e. the red marker buoy near the bend has disappeared, this means a significant hazard is not easy to spot. We will look to get a new buoy installed.

f. the river level is low, rocks may have moved during the floods, extra care required.

g. we are considering how we can get safety launches on the water, whilst respecting safe distancing.

Introduce new rules for equipment cleaning;

a. washing the hulls of boats is standard post outing practice, we expect this to continue with some washing-up liquid added to the water in the bucket, we’ll put some more next to the sink in the boathouse.

b. the inside of the hull (seats etc) should be rinsed before and after an outing.

c. blade handles and shafts (we tend to carry blades by the shaft) should be cleaned with the usual wipes or using soapy water - before and after an outing.

Personal hygiene

a. washing hands before and after an outing. If you have suitable hand cleanser, please use it - supplies are scarce.

b. avoid spitting in a boat (or being sick!), if either occurs make a special effort to clean.

c. if you have symptoms - stay away!

d. until further notice clubhouse (including toilets, kitchen, lounge, bar), ground floor showers, toilets and changing facilities are closed.

Stay safe, stay alert. Colin

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